quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2016

«Mamma Mia, here WE go again / my my, how can WE resist you? / Mamma Mia, does it show again? / my my, just how much WE've missed you?»

«Stockholm 26.10.2016: Nearly 35 years after their last public performance together, the members of ABBA are preparing to give their fans around the world what millions of them have long dreamed of but considered impossible: A new entertainment experience. World-renowned entertainment entrepreneur Simon Fuller, the members of ABBA, and Universal Music Group are partnering together in a groundbreaking venture that will utilize the very latest in digital and virtual reality technology. The aim is to create an original entertainment experience with the Swedish Pop Superstars, which will enable a new generation of fans to see, hear, and feel ABBA in a way previously unimagined. (…) The members of ABBA will be involved throughout the creative process maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the bands original vision within this exciting new realm of entertainment possibilities. (…) Further details of this pioneering collaboration to be announced in 2017.» 
in ABBA site

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