quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2016

“The Neck” broke his neck…

«...it was announced that SLIPKNOT would be postponing the first dozen dates of their upcoming tour with Marilyn Manson, as frontman COREY TAYLOR underwent “unplanned spinal surgery.” The vocalist, who revealed the news following his procedure, has now has provided more details as to why he had to go under the knife. After fan speculation, TAYLOR cleared the air, stating on Twitter, “Basically broke my neck a while back and didn’t realize it.” He had two discs replaced as well as work done on his vertebrae. After receiving messages regarding his decision to quit smoking as fans linked this to the surgery, TAYLOR sent out a Tweet dismissing this notion, exclaiming: "Enough with the conspiracy theories. I quit smoking because I wanted to. I had emergency surgery because shit came up during my physical." SLIPKNOT shows are being rescheduled for August, with the tour now kicking off on June 28 in Nashville.» [Source: Loudwire]

Nota de Rodapata: "The Neck" é uma dos muitos 'nicknames' do COREY TAYLOR, entre eles #8 e Todd Tigger.

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